GoodMove Workforce Management Module

The Workforce Management Module is a combination of a software and hardware system designed to capture information in real-time. This involves the use of handheld PDAs, wireless devices, tablet PCs or mobile phones to capture data. The data which is captured in the field is then transferred immediately to a back end system (ERP, CRM or accounting systems) through wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, or GPRS). The advantages of having an instant connection with the back office are fewer data entry errors, paperless flow of information and faster invoice and billing processes. Businesses can reduce costs, better plan schedules and monitor timesheets of the field workers.

One problem with Workforce Management Software is connectivity. The system must also be able to work when no connection with a mobile network is available. GoodMove Remote overcomes this obstacle by having its information stored in a cache and when a signal is available again it synchronises with the Dispatch Office System transferring the cached data so no information is lost.

Workforce Management is becoming increasingly an integral part of every service-orientated business. Increased productivity, less paperwork and better customer satisfaction are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved when a Workforce Management Software system is deployed.