How using GoodMove streamlines your business

Its designed to be user friendly – and we mean friendly!

Too many software suites are designed without paying attention to the wide and varied capabilities of those who will need to use the suite. Many of today’s Field Service Software Suites are unwieldy and difficult to use either due to their complexity or the poor quality of their displays. GoodMove to be user-friendly and intuitive. This is important as we want to ensure that a product that is designed to improve efficiency does not, because of poor design, create confusion in its operation.

Small or large business – no problem for GoodMove!

The system itself is completely scalable and works equally well when installed in a small enterprise as it does when rolled out across a large enterprise involving over several hundred field employees. Key to this is to ensure that field service employees need minimal training to become appraised with the system. The system displays intuitive nature means that employees will not need to refer to manuals or the administrator to competently carry out their daily functions.

Control at your fingertips!

We have taken particular care to ensure that the system administrator’s job in operating and maintaining the system is as simple as is practically possible. Again we have designed user-friendly displays and we have placed a significant emphasis in our design on making the operation of the system intuitive for the administrators. Central to the scheduling function is a diary display that allows the scheduler to input and alter field jobs by click, drag and drop functions. The scheduler can see on one screen through daily, weekly and monthly displays, all the jobs that are scheduled and who is scheduled to do them.

Reports at the click of a tab – no waiting for month end!

We have also ensured that the system reporting module provides clear and easily understood data reports that give management a precise understanding of how their business is performing on a live basis.

Payroll, accounts, HR – GoodMove talks directly to them!

Our interface module which allows the system to connect seamlessly with proprietary accounts and payroll packages is designed to function in the background automatically and we also have a number of other automated interfaces including bulk electronic order input which means that the system can exist as an integral part of a larger management system or it can be used as a stand-alone system in its own right.

Out-perform your competitors – our efficiency goes straight to your bottom line!

We believe that our system design gives a significant advantage to those using it over other systems due to its user-friendly design and seamless integration capabilities which transfers into greater business efficiency for our customers.