GoodMove Warehouse Management Module

Stock Control from delivery, through the warehouse, the vans to the customer

Gives full stock control no matter where the stock is located

The control of large volumes of stock and the allocation of individual stock items to a Customer’s account is an important requirement for any field based business. An important aspect of the GoodMove Warehouse Management Module is the ability of the system to track both high value items with individual serial numbers, for example TVs, and also track the lower value consumable items such as cable usage. The accurate collection of this stock usage is enabled by using a remote device with GoodMove Remote running on it.

The Warehouse Management Module is a purpose built tool which tracks assets and stock from the time it enters the warehouse, until the time it leaves including every touch point along the way. Every stock item movement is tracked and recorded allowing a comprehensive history of each item’s Life Cycle and accurate view of the stock levels.

To complete the stock tracking process we have recently extended its capabilities by integrating it with our GoodMove Remote module. As field employees stock their vehicles from the warehouse the system transfers the stock to their vehicle treating each one of your vehicles as a separate stock location. This allows very accurate tracking of stock from the time each stock item enters the warehouse to the time it is used.

The Warehouse Management Console is live across all operational bases allowing all regional warehouses to be managed from a central location. It is also dynamically integrated with all consoles ensuring all stock movements are captured accurately and in real time.

This integrated stock tracking module allows management to see full and detailed stock reports on a live basis. This allows them to monitor wastage factors and provides a deterrent against potential pilferage of stock.