GoodMove Resource Management Module

From Human Resources to Asset Management – GoodMove keeps track of it

Creates profiles of all resources a business operates

All companies have a vast array of resources and equipment of varying value and importance. From Human resources to vehicles, small plant to ladders and hand tools.

All of these are managed and recorded in the optional Resources Management Console. In the case of employees, all records relating to position, employee contracts, rate of pay and training can be recorded in one central location. This allows GoodMove to provide key daily employee details to the Human Resources management of the business.

In the case of vehicles and tools, there is a comprehensive asset tracker that can record each asset by serial number or registration. A full history of the asset including current and previous locations is recorded, along with details of any checks, maintenance and repairs that are carried out on the device. A comprehensive database of vehicle checks is updated during the remote vehicle checks carried out in the field, as well as any defects or repairs.

The aim is to compile and maintain a fully detailed electronic record of the acquisition, usage, repair and disposal of all assets of the business as well as providing a fully detailed record of each field operative.