GoodMove Provisioning Module

The Provisioning Module is an addition to the Dispatch Console. Job Operations required during field installation, for example, provision of serial numbers, checking or sending of test results are dealt with by GoodMove with the Provisioning Module. The module is designed to allow the GoodMove system to interact with client order systems where you have electronic communications with your client through GoodMove. It is generally required where your client obtains bulk orders from consumers which are then electronically transmitted in bulk to GoodMove. A typical example is a utility company selling a product to the public and using a GoodMove equipped installer to carry out the field installations.

As the field installation proceeds GoodMove Remote sends back key data, such as device serial numbers, job progress status and job test requests. Through the Provisioning Module your administrative operative can enter this information in to your client’s secure system, extract any necessary information from that system and automatically send the response back to the field device, all in real-time. This process can also be automated, allowing for example “On Site” and “In Progress” or “Complete” job status updates to be sent to your client’s system, also in real-time.