GoodMove Health and Safety Module

Nothing is more important than the safe operation of a business

GoodMove assists health and safety compliance which improves productivity

Health and Safety has become a vital part of any business, but it is especially important in the supply of in-home services where field employees are working on their own.

The Health and Safety Module (which is an addition to the Live module) has been designed to streamline much of the day-to-day requirements relating to health and safety in the field. The module requires a mandatory risk assessment to be completed before each job can commence. This is carried out by the field employee to a pre-populated questionnaire on their remote device and their input is time stamped showing that the assessment has been completed prior to the commencement of the work.

Daily van checks are also managed and completed by the field employee on their device. The employee must complete this pre-populated check every day and they will be restricted from proceeding with any jobs until it is completed. The questionnaire has been designed to comply with current Road Safety Legislation regarding commercial vehicle daily vehicle checks.

All information from the job risk assessments and vehicle checks are available to view and action live in the GoodMove Management Console. This allows management to make immediate decisions whether to postpone a job on health and safety grounds or deal with a reported defect to a vehicle.