GoodMove Remote Module

The App that gives your field employees the cutting edge

Multi-function App keeps them fully informed

The GoodMove Remote Module comes as an app installed on your field employee’s smart devices and is a complete application suite that looks and feels similar to GoodMove Live.

At the start of each day the employees download on to their smart devices their individual job schedule for the day.  This means that they can go directly to their first job without visiting or contacting the business head office.  This allows the field employees to carry out their work in areas without internet connectivity. Information is fully encrypted, buffered and synced with GoodMove Live in the Dispatch Office whenever the crew is back in coverage. 256 bit SLL encryption ensures your information stays safe and secure.

Job information includes a task description, contact details, special requirements and turn by turn directions.  During the day field employees input job execution details in mandatory fields and can also use free text comment fields to report additional information.

The system records each job as it progresses including stock usage, technical measurements and risk assessments. Proof of service delivery is recorded by the system as it captures site photos, field operative’s signature as well as the customer’s signature. This information can be reviewed in real time by the scheduler or management. This is a multi-platform service that can be used on a variety of devices including Smart Phones, iPads, Tablet PCs and Laptops allowing the appropriate device to be used for each task.