GoodMove Live

The nerve centre of the system – Mission control at your fingertips

GoodMove Live is the central control module of the GoodMove Software Suite.  It is the primary data interface for access to client details, customer job details, scheduling, monitoring of field activities.  From here operators can create, modify, schedule, track progress and execute all aspects of job activity.

The system processes job orders that have been manually input.  It can also be linked up to accept orders from your call centre software or it can accept bulk batch orders from a multitude of electronic sources including client databases.

GoodMove Live makes scheduling jobs simple with a flexible Calendar/Diary system providing a clear view of available timeslots and resources. Jobs can be scheduled or rescheduled individually or in batches.  This gives the operator a clear view of the status of all live jobs and allows you to easily search, sort and filter through customer records including job details.  This allows the generation of live operational reports.

Detailed records of all completed jobs are easily available making auditing and viewing customer history instant.  Financial and statistical reports can easily be generated from GoodMove Live allowing management to review the exact status of the business operation on a “live” basis.