Stock and Parts Control

Track And Control Stock In The Warehouse And In The Fleet 

We have developed a Stock Control system that not only gives you instant visibility of warehouse stock but gives complete accountability for stock that has been issued to Field Employees and is stored in their vans. The system logs the delivery of stock to the warehouse using either bar-code scanning or manual entry and, as stock is transferred from warehouse to van, the system is updated to show the stock levels both in the warehouse and in all vans. As stock is used by the Field Employee their Smart Device records the usage by reducing the level of stock in the van and converting it to sale. When the completed job is sent back by the Smart Device the warehouse records are updated. 
Parts Control Display

Van Stock Management

When a Field Employee is issued with stock from warehouse stock it is electronically transferred to his Smart Device as it is loaded in the Employee's van. For security reasons the Field Employee must enter the Stock Import section of his Field App and upload the transferred stock. This ensures that he acknowledges receipt of same and that the upload physically tallies with the actual stock loaded in the van.

Van Stock Usage

As the Field Employee carries out the assigned work they can add any parts they have taken from the van stock by selecting it from the scrollable drop-down box. This debits the van stock and credits the job sale records on the Smart Device.

Stock And Parts Control Key Features:

  • Stock and Parts are uploaded on system as they arrive in Warehouse.
  • Stock and Parts transferred on system to Vans as goods are loaded in them.
  • Stock and Parts converted to sale on Smart Devices as they are used.
  • Replenishment alarms can be set to order replacement Stock and Parts as levels run low.
  • Cost and Sale prices can be set for all items.
  • Stock and Parts discrepancy reporting can be set to identify the source of where items go missing.

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