Employee Jobs Smart Device App

 When a Scheduler creates a job on the system he selects a field employee to do the job and the system will send the job to the employee's smart device in accordance with the buffer settings in the system. Here's a typical example of how the smart device interacts with the system:

 Job Scheduled By Scheduler

The Scheduler selects the job location and the plant to be worked on. They then give instructions regarding the work to be done on each machine and who to contact when the engineer arrives. The Field Employee is then selected and the date and timeslot are also selected. Once all the information is compiled the job is then created on the system. The created job does not go directly to the Field Employee but is held until the buffer releases it. Generally the buffer is set only to release jobs to the employees a number of days in advance of when the work is scheduled to be done.

Job Details Received On Smart Device

When the Field Employee checks their Smart Device the job sent by the scheduler appears amongst the outstanding jobs list. All the job details are displayed on the scrollable page.

Job Items To Be Worked On

By scrolling down the bottom of the screen the Field Employee can see the Inventory Items he is required to work on. In the case of a delivery company this area would indicate the items to be delivered at this address. By clicking on the "Modify" button the Field Employee can commence work on any of the Inventory Items. 

Live Risk Assessment

Modern safety standards require proactive Health and Safety procedures. At the top of the Smart Device Screen is a drop-down menu where a Risk Assessment screen can be selected. Where Field Employees are working in potentially hazardous conditions their employer can provide them with a pre-populated Risk Assessment page on their Smart Device. The device can be set to mandate the completion of the Risk Assessment before any other page will open thereby ensuring that the Risk Assessment is carried out before the job is commenced. In addition the completed Risk Assessment is sent back to the main console once it is completed thereby giving a time stamped record of when it was completed. 

Inventory Job In Progress

The Field Employee commences work on the first inventory items and carries out the work in accordance with a pre-populated check-list that can include the taking of measurements and other performance data. In the Parts and Activities section he records the Parts used from his van stock drop-down list and he records the Activities he has carried out from an Activities drop-down list. Pricing of Parts and Activities can be shown on the app if the Field Employee is collecting payment or may be omitted where the invoice is generated back in the office.

Inventory Job Status

As the Field Employee progresseS the work and updates his Smart Device he can immediately see the status of all Inventory Items on his job list. In the example to the right work on one item is complete (green), two are in progress (yellow) and two have yet to be commenced (white). 

Job Sign-Off

When all work is complete the Field Employee selects the Job Sign-off tab from the drop-down menu on the Smart Device. This displays in scrollable format the job details, engineers report, parts used, activities undertaken, photos taken and the final part of the screen allows the Field Employee to apply his own signature and obtain a customer signature. By pressing the "Submit" button on the device the job is completed on the Smart Device and it will be immediately sent back by wi-fi or sim connection. In the event that no suitable connection is immediately available the job will be held on the phone until a connection becomes available thereby ensuring that no data is lost.

Job Received Back Ready For Invoicing

All the information input on the Smart Device relating to the Job is decoded by the Invoicing Module and the Scheduler can immediately issue the invoice or batch it with other client invoices for issue at a later date. A Job Report providing full details of the work undertaken including measurements, site photos and client signatures can be sent with the invoice.

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