Hosting – Client or Cloud Based?

If you select GoodMove as your Field Service Solution we offer you the choice of either hosting the software on your own server (Client Hosting) or we can host your GoodMove and your data on our cloud server (Cloud Hosting).

For most clients we recommend the usage of Cloud Hosting as it avoids them having to incur the expense of acquiring their own server. However in certain circumstances where GoodMove needs to communicate directly with client specialist software it is necessary to host the software on a Client Server.

Where our clients opt for Cloud Hosting they achieve immediate savings by avoiding the necessity to own and maintain their own data servers. Instead, their data is stored and processed in a bespoke data hosting centre. The principal advantage of this is large scale, high speed multiple connections to and from the centre, thereby reducing the risk of service interruption. It also allows the data processor to utilise various options with regard to how data is stored and processed including the option to utilise server clusters or multi-processing and allows for virtually limitless processing capacity and data storage expansion.

Paramount to the decision to use Cloud Hosting is the data security standards of the hosting site. As the data processor is essentially moving his data outside the domain of the business they need to ensure that the hosting site provides industry standard data protection and security at all times. At very minimum the hosting provider and the specific hosting site need to be compliant with the current international standards the most important of which is ISO27001:2013. This standard is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls, protects client information assets and gives confidence to customers using the hosting service. Our selected cloud hosting service is fully certified to ISO27001:2013 as audited by Certification Europe and certified in January 2016.

Data processors wishing to move to Cloud Hosting also need to establish the exact location of where their data will be stored and the nature of the backup procedures in place. Geographic location of data and the ability to quickly and easily recover it is of paramount importance to any data processing business. We would advise data processors utilising a hosting solution to ensure that they receive a daily backup of their hosted data to their own in-house server or to a 3rd party data backup service. This gives security over the hosted data in the event of a catastrophic failure of the hosting service. All GoodMove Cloud Services are hosted in the Republic of Ireland.