Boiler and Domestic Appliance Repair Companies Application

We have designed GoodMove so that it can be easily customised for specific industry needs. Here are the principal applications that are included when used within the above Industry Sector:

  • Electronic batch import of jobs from third parties.
  • Daily/Weekly Vehicle Checks.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Safety Certificate Register.
  • Accident Report Register.
  • Create and maintain Stock inventory , incl all transfer from warehouse to vans.
  • Schedule individual engineers to maximise efficiency incl route planning.
  • Schedule Stock Replenishment.
  • Track stock from warehouse to engineers vans to installation.
  • Record travel time and operational time for billing purposes as well as payroll purposes.
  • Record all electronic measurements incl line boiler/device performance.
  • Create photographic record of job.
  • Capture customer completion signatures.
  • Invoice can be raised and issued by email once engineer has completed their work on site.
  • Invoicing can be raised singly or in batches.
  • Proof of Job Delivery can be sent with invoice.
  • Create client or individual device job history by location and date.
  • Relevant data can be sent to accounts and payroll system.