All the Technical Stuff

How is GoodMove specified for a business?

We are very much aware that every business is unique and it is important to ensure that the GoodMove package selected for your business closely reflects your requirements.

How do we achieve this?

Our technical sales representative will firstly give a business owner a full demonstration of how the system works. He will also discuss the operational requirements of the business with the owner in order to gain a clear understanding of the business and its field service operation. He will then produce a fully detailed proposal which will include the GoodMove system modules most suited to the business model and which will provide the most efficiency for the business.

What is in the proposal?

The proposal gives a fully detailed specification for the GoodMove system to be installed and also sets out what the business may be required to acquire or upgrade to maximise the efficiency of Goodmove. The proposal will also give a fully detailed costing of the proposed system together with any appropriate finance options.

What if I want to go ahead?

We will liaise with you with regard to a suitable timescale to have the system installed and up and running. This will also include the training of key staff in the operation of the various elements of the system. Generally speaking the system should be up and running within a month of agreeing terms.