About Us

We are a Software Development Company based in Dublin, Ireland and we have been designing and developing Field Service Management Software for well over 15 years.

GoodMove, as a bespoke software package, first became available in 2002 when it was installed in a Dublin based transport and logistics company. It revolutionised how that business operated and the software has gone on to do the same in many other businesses since then.

Since its first installation GoodMove has gone through continuous upgrades and innovations and we are currently marketing Version 7 which, as a result of this modernisation, bears little resemblance to the early versions.

With the availability of more intelligent smartphone and tablet devices each upgrade we design builds more intelligence and features into the software to make your Field Based Workforce ever more efficient.

Our aim is quite simple:

  • Increase our client’s Field Operatives Productivity by reducing the number of actions they need to perform to get their jobs, record their job progress and get the completed job details back to the office.
  • Decrease our client’s Administration Costs by combining a range of tasks into one multi-tasking system reducing the resources needed to support field operations.
  • Integrate our client’s Scheduling Requirements with essential packages including Accounts and Payroll.
  • Streamline our client’s Management Reporting by using live data to create reports that give real-time financial and operational information to management cutting out the need to wait for month-end reports.
  • Create for our clients an Electronic Job History giving them electronic access to all job histories both in the office and in the field.
  • Eliminate our client’s reliance on Paper by converting the whole Field Service Operation to an electronic system.

So if you are thinking Field Service Management Software, talk to us about GoodMove and how it can help enhance your business. In the meantime enjoy the contents of our website and we would be delighted to hear from you if you consider that our software would give your business a significant boost to its efficiency.