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Our History

We are a Software Development Company based in Dublin, Ireland and we have been designing and developing Field Service Management Software for well over 15 years. GoodMove, as a bespoke software package, first became available in 2002 when it was installed in a Dublin based transport and logistics company. It revolutionised how that business operated and the software has gone on to do the same in many other businesses since then.

Since its first installation GoodMove has gone through continuous upgrades and innovations and we are currently marketing Version 7 which, as a result of this modernisation, bears little resemblance to the early versions. With the availability of more intelligent smartphone and tablet devices each upgrade we design builds more intelligence and features into the software to make your Field Based Workforce ever more efficient.

GoodMove Today

Key Features of Goodmove Version 7 are:
  • Schedule all field employee tasks on an integrated dashboard system
  • Field employees receive their job schedule electronically on their smart device (phone or tablet)
  • As the Field Employee carries out their jobs they update their device with progress including measurements, photos, task reports and P.O.D. signatures
  • Completed jobs are sent back from the Field Employee using sim or wi-fi and office administration can invoice the job while the employee continues to the next job
  • The system generates individual job reports including job description, parts used, work done, on-site measurements and customer signatures 
  • Job reports can be sent with invoice thereby reducing client job queries
  • Where you supply or maintain plant and equipment each item of plant is recorded as an inventory item on the system when it is supplied
  • When work is carried out on an inventory item its individual record is updated including type of work done, parts supplied and nature of repairs completed
  • The system maintains a full life record of all items of plant inventory registered on it
  • The system records stock as it is delivered to the warehouse. From there it records stock as it is transferred to each employee's vehicle
  • When stock is used during a job it is converted to sale or where it is returned to the warehouse the system also records this movement
  • The system therefore keeps a full track of all stock items of the business from delivery to sale. This allows for replenishment planning to be implemented
  • The system is designed to allow the creation of customer quotations derived from the stock and labour pricing stored within it
  • Quotations can be produced in Bill of Quantity, material supply or labour supply formats on the business headed paper
  • If the quotation is successful, the material and labour schedules used in the quotes can be used to plan the purchasing and labour allocations on the job
  • The system fully integrates with proprietary accounts systems
  • Management Reports can be tailor made to a customer requirements
  • Third party clients can be given controlled access to the system for example to allow them view a maintenance history of their inventory items  
For a more detailed description of how each element of the system works please click the modules drop down box above.

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