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Goodmove Field Service Software is a suite of software designed to automate the scheduling of field based activities such as plant and utilities maintenance /installation, domestic appliance service and repairs, customer deliveries, office equipment maintenance and many other field based activities.

The system allows you to schedule in advance maintenance visits and also allows you to schedule emergency repairs and customer call-outs. Through the usage of smart devices, field employees get their daily/weekly job schedule on their device and as they complete their work they can record their progress on the device including measurements, photographs, job reports and customer signatures. Once the job is complete the employee sends it back using his smart device and while they travel to the next job you can immediately invoice out the completed works without having to wait for the employee to return to the office.

The system allows you to create an inventory of plant to be maintained and, as scheduled maintenance or repairs are carried out on a plant item, the system updates the item's inventory record giving you a full job history of the item. The system can also provide the user with a comprehensive stock recording system that details the stock on hand in the warehouse and also in each vehicle operated by the company.

The system fully integrates with proprietary software accounting systems. The job report forms a proof of delivery archive that can be sent electronically with the invoices thereby cutting down on payment delays.

The system provides very significant cost savings to its operators and, unlike other scheduling systems that are fixed based solutions, we can tailor our software to suit your specific needs. 

We offer highly competitive market rates which are based on your specific requirements of the system.

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Here's A Quick Preview Of The System's Main Elements:
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The Job Scheduling Control Panel allows the scheduler to schedule all field employee's jobs whether for maintenance, repairs or emergencies. The scheduler can add items of plant to be maintained, parts to be installed and full details of the job to be carried out and whom to contact when the employee arrives on site. He can also apply a time slot for the work.
This is where the paperless office comes into its own. The service employees obtain their jobs on their smart devices and as they carry out the work they record it on the device. Once the job is complete all the job details including clients signatures are sent back electronically to the scheduler allowing the employee to carry on to the next job. 
The Client Database Panel allows the scheduler to record a host of info relating to business clients including billing and works addresses. In addition, further information including plant items or maintenance contract details are recorded. As jobs complete each works location and plant item record is updated with what work has been carried out. 
When a job completes the job information is electronically sent back to the scheduler and is then formatted automatically onto a pre-invoice screen. The scheduler can review the details, amend them and the completed invoice, together with the job report, can be emailed to the client as a single or as a batch and the system will also update the accounts.  
Stock, parts and plant items are all tracked by the system from delivery to the warehouse to transfer to vans and on to installation. The system allows for the tracking of items by bar code or serial number and warnings can be set to replenish items which are runing low in quantity. A full range of reports are available from the system outlining stock usage. 
Service Providers frequently enter into service and repair contracts with their clients to maintain equipment either sold or leased to their clients. GoodMove's Inventory Module provides the service provider with a full-life maintenance and repair history of all client operated equipment. The provider can see on one screen the full service and repair history of all items under contract.

Stop Press - New For 2019

GoodMove have developed a Client Quotation Module.We have harnessed a number of existing elements of the GoodMove System and developed a brand new Quote Builder Module with the following key features:
  • Create Client Quotes in Bill of Quantity Format or as a General Quote
  • Quotes are stored in Client database making them easy to retrieve
  • System utilises existing labour and material database to create pricing
  • See your margins as you build your quote and adjust them either globally or by individual item
  • Quote Builder shows you a draft of the finished quote as you build it
  • Quote Builder creates finalised quote on your headed paper as you build it
  • Add in Terms and Conditions or any other additions before you send it out
  • Material and Labour Quantities are scheduled making job planning easy if quote is successful
  • Quote Builder does not require the full Goodmove System and can be sold seperately

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